CD REVIEW: "...pop-rock brilliance... thriving on lyrical and sonic controversy."

AUGUST 20, 2020, Let It Rock by Dmitry M. Epstein
"Acidic New Yorker strikes a chord with zeitgeist yet falls short of reaching gestalt." Despite releasing immediately likeable albums for a decade now – and even scoring a rock musical, “Bulldozer” – Peter Galperin did not appear on the public radar on the scale his talent deserves. Maybe it’s because this artist’s oeuvre has dealt for the most part with affairs of the heart rather than the spirit of times he hinted at at the beginning of it all. Still, given the current state of other affairs, Galperin couldn’t stand aside anymore, so “Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday” tunes into what’s going on outside and inside of a thinking American at the moment and taps into one’s psyche with tasty insistence. Read the full review...

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