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2019 Pacific Northwest Mini-Tour Announced! 

JULY 26 - AUGUST 11, 2019 - I've been visiting my hometown on these mini-tours on and off for the past 10 years, and this summer's Pacific Northwest tour is shaping up to be the biggest one yet. Starting off with a series of performances in Lake Chelan's wine country (July 26-Vogue Lounge, July 27-Succession Wines, July 28-Benson Vineyards, July 29-Tsillan Cellars), two shows in Seattle at the Easy Monkey Taphouse (July 31 & Aug. 2), a house concert (Aug. 4) in Sandpoint, Idaho on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, and then back in Seattle for one last show at Tim's Tavern on August 11. I'll be joined on most of the dates by BJ Wakkuri on percussion, and we might even pick up a few surprise musical guests along the way. I expect to see a lot of familiar faces, so this should be lots of fun for everyone. Plan your summer vacation accordingly! Visit the "events" page for venue addresses and exact showtimes.

CD review "...rollicking and totally mesmerizing musical tale..." 

JAN. 28, 2019, MWE3.COM, by Robert Steven Silverstein – Back in 2017, just after the release of This Burning Sun, NYC-based singer-songwriter and recording artist, Peter Galperin told about his proposed rock opera depicting the heyday of NYC master builder Robert Moses and now in early 2019, Bulldozer, the CD is a reality. Although the Off-Broadway production received rave reviews in 2018, this theatrical soundtrack album release sets the record straight and also allows those who couldn't make a trip to the Big Apple a chance to witness and marvel at Peter’s rollicking and totally mesmerizing musical tale about Robert Moses. Most of the great highways, parks, tunnels and bridges in NYC had something to do with Moses and, retracing Moses' life, Bulldozer spotlights key aspects of his historic career from the 1930s till the early 1960s. For his much anticipated musical, Peter has created a new kind of 21st century rock opera that will thrill music fans of legendary theatrical masterworks like Tommy and Jesus Christ Superstar. Read the full article...

Broadway Records Announces Bulldozer Cast Recording.  

JAN. 8, 2019, BROADWAY WORLD - Broadway Records today announced that Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) will be released digitally and in stores on Friday, January 25, 2019. The album is currently available for pre-order at and

Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses is the new rock musical written by Peter Galperin, starring Tony Award nominee Constantine Maroulis, Molly Pope, Wayne Wilcox, Ryan Knowles and Kacie Sheik, featuring a four-piece rock band and spotlighting Master Builder Robert Moses' evolution from a young idealist fervent with a desire to build the greatest city in the world to a power-insulated enemy of the people, corrupted, lost and alone. Click to read the full article...

Pacific Northwest summer tour 2018! 

AUG. 10, 2018 – It's always great fun to play for hometown audiences in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia in my native Pacific Northwest. On July 26 at the Bistro Cottage in Vancouver we had a roomful of lively Canadian cousins and several dear aunties, plus Bruce Pritchard joining me on stage for a few songs, and we followed that up on Aug. 2 in Seattle at the Easy Monkey Taphouse with a mini-reunion of sorts with a full house of dear local friends from high school and college, plus Bruce P. and Larry Johnson on guitars, and surprise guest percussionist BJ Wakkuri joining us for several tunes. Plans are already in the works for an expanded summer tour for 2019.

CD Review: "...humorous observations...or misguided swipes against society..."  

AUG. 8, 2018, SEAOFTRANQUILITY.ORG, by Steven Reid – Peter Galperin is an NYC based singer-songwriter taking a step back from it all to make insightful, humorous observations. Or indeed, misguided swipes against society, depending on where you come from, what you want and how you believe that is to be achieved. Social media? That has derision thrown its way. The search for spiritual redemption? Nah, we don’t need that. And we also turn a bright, searing, burning, earth churning light on global warming and climate change. Oh and, of course, Trump is front and centre. You knew he would be. How could he not? 

Coated in an Americana-pop sheen, strummed, hummed and thrummed into place with choruses that velcro their way into the deep furry recesses of the mind, if these tracks were about girls, cars and tequila bars then they might be hits. And then, of course, they might not. But Galperin is taking chances by putting himself out there. Dare I say he’s writing protest songs that are devil may care enough to not have their hearts in the 60s? It’s hook laden fun, it’s bold, breezy but never cheesy and it grins so brightly we could cut everyone’s fuel usage in half if only there was a way to listen to it without plugging a device into the wall... Read the full review...

Peter Galperin Returns To The Pacific Northwest And His Musical Roots For Summer 2018 Concerts 

MAY 27, 2018 - NEW YORK - PRLog -- New York-based singer/songwriter Peter Galperin (, fresh from his critically acclaimed 2017 CD "This Burning Sun" and his 2018 Off-Broadway musical, "Bulldozer", returns to his native Pacific Northwest for two engagements – July 26 from 9-11pm at the Cottage Bistro in Vancouver, BC (4468 Main Street), and August 2 from 8-10pm at the Easy Monkey Taphouse in Shoreline, WA (17537 15th Ave. NE). 

Peter – the son of the late Jascha Galperin, well-known Northwest violinist, music educator, and founder of the Everett Youth Symphony and former music director of the Mukilteo School District – grew up in Everett, WA... Read the full article.

Review: Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses 

DEC. 18, 2017, STAGEBUDDY.COM – Ever since Hamilton we’ve been asking ourselves what goes on in "the room where it happens." Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses gives us a brutal, rollicking peek. The story, as told by Peter Galperin (concept, music, lyrics and book), is essentially one of idealism, pragmatism, and entitlement gone monumentally wrong. Moses, played by Broadway veteran Constantine Maroulis, is the embodiment of an oily, obsessive megalomaniacal politician -- as recognizable a character today as he was at the height of power in the 20th century.  Moses’ legacy as an urban planner, which includes building the network of highways that connect New York City to the tristate area and the low bridges that kept buses and, by extension, minority New Yorkers from enjoying the parks and beaches of Long Island, has made him one of the most polarizing characters in New York City history. Read the full article...

Review: If You Build It, They Will Come: ‘Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses’ 

DEC. 18, 2017, THEBROADWAYBLOG.COM, by Ryan Leeds – Who knew that songs about construction and urban development could be so engaging? Apparently Peter Galperin. The musician, lyricist, and book writer is behind the new Off-Broadway musical, Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses. Galperin, a self-described “grunge rock refugee,” has recorded four CDs but this appears to be his first venture into the theater. For such a neophyte, he’s made an impressive debut, much of which rests on his dynamic score, and an imperfect, but generally enjoyable and informative view into the turbulent career of Robert Moses (Constantine Maroulis). Read the full article...

A Musical About Robert Moses? 

DEC. 11, 2017, TDF.ORG, by Brian Scott LiptonWhy a rocker was inspired to pen a bio-show about the polarizing urban planner – "There's no question that Moses viewed the city from aerial photographs; to him, it was just lines on a map."

If Peter Galperin hadn't moved to New York, he would have never written Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses, a bio musical about the controversial master builder who reshaped the metropolitan area in the 20th century. "I first came across Moses's name on a highway sign on Long Island shortly after I arrived around 30 years ago," says Galperin, who penned the show's songs and co-authored the book. "As I began to travel more around the region, his name kept popping up everywhere. I've always been a history buff, perhaps because my mom was a history teacher. I soon found Robert Caro's book about Moses, The Power Broker, and reading that was an epiphany. It explained so much about modern New York, especially how much of a mess it is traffic-wise and why there are so many highways on top of or next to each other. I read the book five or six times in just a few years." 

But it wasn't until Galperin entered a songwriting contest sponsored by the New York City Parks Department in 2012 that he decided to musicalize his Moses mania. "I tried to write an up-tempo tune, something they could use as a theme song," he recalls. "But what I ended up writing was a nine-minute folk song called 'The Ballad of Robert Moses.' Not surprisingly, they rejected it." Read the full article...