CD Review: "...humorous observations...or misguided swipes against society..."

AUG. 8, 2018, SEAOFTRANQUILITY.ORG, by Steven Reid – Peter Galperin is an NYC based singer-songwriter taking a step back from it all to make insightful, humorous observations. Or indeed, misguided swipes against society, depending on where you come from, what you want and how you believe that is to be achieved. Social media? That has derision thrown its way. The search for spiritual redemption? Nah, we don’t need that. And we also turn a bright, searing, burning, earth churning light on global warming and climate change. Oh and, of course, Trump is front and centre. You knew he would be. How could he not? 

Coated in an Americana-pop sheen, strummed, hummed and thrummed into place with choruses that velcro their way into the deep furry recesses of the mind, if these tracks were about girls, cars and tequila bars then they might be hits. And then, of course, they might not. But Galperin is taking chances by putting himself out there. Dare I say he’s writing protest songs that are devil may care enough to not have their hearts in the 60s? It’s hook laden fun, it’s bold, breezy but never cheesy and it grins so brightly we could cut everyone’s fuel usage in half if only there was a way to listen to it without plugging a device into the wall... Read the full review...

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