CD REVIEW - "...2020 America under the looking glass... disturbing... yet entertaining."

JUNE 1, 2020,, by Robert Steven Silverstein
Never one to turn away from a valiant fight, NYC-based maestro Peter Galperin turns to face the strange on his 2020 Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday. Singing his catchy melodies and laced narratives more like a manifesto than a pure pop outing, Peter takes on the pathos of the Trump era head-on with his new single and album leadoff track, "Nature Of Your Kind", a sing-along song that is both disconcerting and hummable. Released on the 20th anniversary of the maddening election of 2000, and now, basking in the dizzying 20/20 hindsight of this 20th year of the 2000's, the seven tracks on Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday serves as a mirror reflection of what we are all going through – culminating as the relentless 2020 pandemic ravages America... Read the full review...

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